Dating can be daunting ... especially if you're famous. The gossip rags just love to pair up single celebs ... whether they're actually a couple or not.

Taylor Swift has been linked with a number of suitors, including Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, and more recently John Mayer. The 20-year-old country superstar likes to keep her love life in her lyrics ... and out of the press. But one thing she will reveal is her "type."

Taylor's ideal man will be tall (not sure about the dark and handsome part). The 5'11" multi-Grammy winner admits her heart skips a beat when she meets someone taller than her.

"The bad thing about being tall is the majority of people are at a different eye level than you, and so you feel like you're looking down to talk to people, which is kind of unnatural -- looking down to talk to people, and they have to look way up to talk to you," she tells

"It just depends on what group of people you're around. If there are a few scattered tall people in the room or in the group of people that you're talking to, it's not awkward at all. But if you're around a bunch of little, mini-people and you're the only giant in the circle, it can be kind of interesting."

Taylor goes on to tell OK! Magazine that she's also looking for somebody who has a compatible sense of humor with her, "that would be the most important thing."

Taylor joked with The Boot last year: "I have an eclectic, weird taste in guys."

One day Taylor's true prince will round the corner on that 'White Horse,' and when he dismounts -- hoping to sweep her off her feet -- it would help ... if he's tall.

Just sayin' ...