Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift has only a few weeks left in her teenage years, and to celebrate her 20th birthday on Dec. 13, the superstar has taken the leap into adulthood by purchasing a three-bedroom condo. The new digs include floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook downtown Nashville. Taylor is overseeing the gutting of the condo and plans to decorate the entire place herself.

"I've always wanted to do something like this. I've been obsessed with interior design my whole life," Taylor gushes to InSyle.

Taylor says that she knows exactly what direction she plans on going with the design and decor.

"I want my condo to have sort of a secret-garden, whimsical, enchanted, antique vibe," she explains.

Sound like a fairytale castle? That's exactly what the singer is going for!

"My life is so real. I have a schedule I follow every day, and I try to think logically and practically. So I'd kind of like to come home and have the walls be purple!"