Taylor Swift and Chris Young have a suggestion for the next time you need to give a gift to someone: music. The two stars have recently joined the Give the Gift of Music campaign, a 30-year-old program that encourages music lovers to share their favorite artists and albums with others. It's a cause the two singers are proud to stand behind.

"I remember my first big musical role model. It was Faith Hill," Taylor shares on the campaign's website. "I was so young when I first discovered her music, but ever since I did, from the moment I heard, I think it was 'This Kiss,' was the first song that I heard by her. Ever since I heard it, she became my complete and total role model, and I looked to her every move, her every word to define who I wanted to be. So knowing what it's like to have a musical role model and knowing what that's like to save up your allowance to go to a concert, I know how important it is to make the right choices for the sake of your fans. And the fact that I might maybe be considered in that same light by someone out there is such an honor. If you get to love music and appreciate music and be a part of music and have it in your life, it's a gift."

The 'Tomorrow' singer believes that the gift of music can be life-changing. "The greatest musical gift I've ever been given literally was a gift," he adds. "I got a guitar for Christmas one year. I never really realized what an instrument would open up to me. I was already singing as much as possible, doing voice lessons and all that stuff. The first time I played guitar and sang on stage, I was just blown away with how much of a different experience that was, how it opened up a whole another world for me. Obviously with singing and songwriting, it just made it that much easier, and I don't know if I'd be the same artist or songwriter I am without that first guitar."

Other artists who have joined the worthwhile cause include Darius Rucker, Blake Shelton, Cyndi Lauper, Ann Wilson, Kris Allen, David Cook, Colbie Cailat and Kelly Clarkson. To give the gift of music, or share your own musical-gift memories, click here.

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