It's a pretty good day to be Taylor Swift! The global superstar, who celebrates her 23rd birthday today, has scored a Golden Globe nomination to go along with the numerous other honors she's earned (a recap of those surprising honors can be seen below!) But this latest accolade for the singer-songwriter and role model will surely keep her on her best behavior. Taylor tops the list of the Ten Best-Mannered People of 2012.

Compiled by the National League of Junior Cotillions, an etiquette and social training program involving thousands of young people in the United States, the list is now in its 21st year. Cotillion students and directors nationwide nominate individuals for the award.

The 2012 best-mannered individuals are:

1. Taylor Swift -- for inspiring young people with her music and her manners.

2. Rory McIlroy -- for displaying good sportsmanship on and off the golf course.

3. Robin Roberts -- for the respect she shows others as a network host and for extending warmth and kindness to "Good Morning America" guests.

4. Gabby Douglas -- for demonstrating humility and politeness as a young Olympic athlete.

5. Justin Bieber -- for consistently showing courtesy to his many fans.

6. Matt Damon -- for being a positive role model in Hollywood to younger generations.

7. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge -- for the poise and dignity with which she conducts herself in the public spotlight.

8. Drew Brees -- for being a positive example for young athletes.

9. First Lady Michelle Obama -- for her positive encouragement of a healthy lifestyle to youth.

10. Daniel Radcliffe -- for the kindness extended to his "Harry Potter" fans.

"The annual selections are based on the demonstration of dignity, honor, and respect," says Elizabeth Anne Winters Russell, NLJC National Director. "Taylor Swift was chosen for the exemplary manner in which she has conducted herself, on and off stage as a musician and songwriter."

Prince Harry of Wales received the dubious honor of being named the Most Ill-Mannered Person of 2012, "for disregarding his prestigious title and misbehaving in the public spotlight." (warning: link contains NSFW photos)

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