What do you get when you put Taylor Swift and rapper B.o.B. on the set of the same music video? Bugs, billiards and "Both of Us," oh my! Earlier this month, the pair were in Nashville to film the clip for their collaboration, which appears on B.o.B.'s sophomore album. "Access Hollywood" was on the set to film all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans. (Watch below.)

Director Jake Nava's inspiration for the visual representation of the tune was what he calls "a collage of different aspects of humanity in the Southern states, particularly around Nashville." While the footage shows scenes from a farm, a bar and home, one aspect he didn't anticipate was the bugs.

"There are bugs on people, there are bugs crawling on people, there are bugs trying to bite people," Taylor says in the video. At one point, she even "saved" her cohort's life when a spider started to "attack" him. In addition, Nava shows off his battle wound from a vicious chigger attack.

The shoot, which the North Carolina-born rapper calls "the quickest moving video in my life," starts in what he also deemed "the jungles of Nashville," made to look like the country. There are several performance shots in this locale, as well as a vignette that has the country superstar 'playing' with a pair of dogs. "This brings out the enchanting side of Taylor Swift," says B.o.B.

Next, they're off to a bar scene, offering billiards and second-hand smoke, followed by a house party that has the rapper secluding himself from the fun in a stairwell. Most shots appear to have the musicians solo on the screen, but Nava had the same impressions of both, calling them easy to work with because of their confidence and open-mindedness.

The music video is expected to premiere later this month.

Go Behind-the-Scenes of the "Both of Us" Video