Taylor SwiftMultiple Grammy winner Taylor Swift can now check Australia off the list of lands she has conquered. Immediately following the awards show, where she was a four-time winner, Taylor flew from Los Angeles to Australia and Japan to perform several sold-out concerts.

According to Australian reviews, Taylor's headlining arena shows have been "a sea of young girls in cowboy hats and boots screaming in frenzy." The 20-year-old superstar is being hailed as "a stunning young woman singing simple, catchy songs of romantic yearning and angst."

Naturally, Taylor has taken to Twitter to share the experience with fans and friends. Among her tweets: "Sydney, Australia ... you just stole my heart," "We just planned on dinner, but it turned into barefoot beach frolicking in Melbourne tonight. Took pictures of my friends. Will post ... P.S. Melbourne ... You were unforgettable. Same time tomorrow? Excellent." And "Tonight the band and I played a show, then hopped in the van and headed to the park for some midnight wild possum feeding!"

In addition to feeding and tweeting, Taylor also posted pictures of herself with friends as they frolicked on St. Kilda Beach in Melbourne (where it's currently summer). Wearing a purple mini-frock and strappy heels, she struck a 'Sound of Music' pose atop a wall near the beach, her friends sitting alongside, gazing dreamily out to sea. She's also captured running barefoot into the surf.

Following her tour of Australia and Japan, Taylor will jet back to the U.S. to kick off her Fearless 2010 tour, March 4 in Tampa, Fla.