Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift has issued a second challenge to Ryan Leander and Michael Wekall, the college boys from Auburn University who created a website to urge the superstar to give them hugs. The guys recently completed the first challenge by helping a little old lady across the street in a major way -- by holding a parade and asking their followers on Facebook and Twitter to send in videos of them performing the task.

After seeing the footage, Taylor made her own video to say thank you and to hand out challenge No. 2. "You blew my mind with that last video. That was unbelievable. So far above and beyond anything that I was expecting," the country superstar exclaims. "So I think it would be fun to possibly try some other challenges ... Since my lucky number is 13, and it's always a good thing when I see the No. 13, maybe it would be cool to incorporate the most creative [use] of 13, like bake 13 cookies for someone who doesn't expect it or plant 13 tulips in someone's yard. But I know that you will probably think of something amazing, so I will give this one to you ... I love you guys, thank you so much!"

Now that the second in what is sure to be many challenges have been issued, the guys took to their Twitter page: "Let's just say we are accepting this challenge ... ha ha!" The 22-year-olds are currently thinking up some fun and creative ways of accomplishing the mission and will be closer to receiving the not-so-impossible dream of a hug from their favorite singer. Last week, the guys tweeted, "This has been the best week ever. Period. End of story," but if they get their wish, we're sure that will be their best week ever ... period!

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