Taylor Swift's highly-anticipated sophomore album is due in stores November 11. 'Fearless' will feature 13 songs, all written or co-written by Swift. The 18-year-old country sensation says she aimed to connect each and every track to her fans.

"My goal is to never write songs that my fans can't relate to," Swift tells CMT. "Like road songs. As a 16-year-old girl, I could never relate to those songs about playing a different city every night. I want to write about feelings and love and the lack of love. I ask myself, 'OK, where's the song for the 15-year-old who just had her heart broken? Got that? OK, good. Now where's the song for when she falls in love again?' I like to listen to music that's about life. That's what I think my fans like, too."

Clearly, she knows what her fans like. Currently Myspace's top-ranking country artist, Swift recently passed the 20 million mark for music streams on the site. Her mass appeal is due, at least in part, to the wide variety of music she creates.

"I never ever want to be that kind of artist who writes the same song over and over," she says. "The perfect album for me will always be about having all different beats and syncopations and lyrics."

And while she does collaborate with such notables as John Rich, Liz Rose and Colbie Caillat on the new project, the teen superstar admits co-writing isn't always easy.

"I end up writing a lot of the songs myself because I get inspired at weird times. You can't always have a co-writer with you when you get an idea for a song."

Fans will get a chance to pre-order 'Fearless' on August 22, on the soon-to-be-launched website, www.TheTaylorNation.com. That site will also include details of how some lucky fans will be able to have their own photos included on the album's artwork and on the package's CD ROM.

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