Kanye West has posted an online apology to Taylor Swift and even went on the 'Jay Leno Show' to express his regret on Monday, but he hasn't spoken directly to the star whose VMA acceptance speech he hijacked.

"He has not personally reached out," Taylor explained Tuesday on ABC's 'The View.' "But if he wanted to call and say hi ... "

Taylor kept her composure as Kanye interrupted her Best Female Video award acceptance speech. But what was going through her mind?

"My overall thought process was something like, 'Wow, I can't believe I won! This is awesome! Don't trip and fall! I'm going to get to thank the fans; this is so cool .... Oh... Kanye West is here. Cool haircut! What are you doing?' And then, 'Ouch. I guess I'm not going to get to thank the fans.'"

Taylor had to perform live just about five minutes after the debacle. She says she was "rattled" by Kanye's antics but found strength in friends and family backstage who came to her defense. Those friends, family members and fans are continuing to show their loyalty to 'Team Taylor.'

"All the other artists that came and showed me love, all the people 'tweeting' about it, all the fans -- I never imagined there were that many people looking out for me," Taylor explains. "It was really wonderful to see there were people out there defending me, so I didn't have to."

Taylor is the first-ever country star to take home an MTV Video Music Award.

UPDATE: Kanye reaches out to Taylor