Tanya Tucker is suing Nashville producer Gregg A. Brown, owner of Revelator Recordings, for breach of contract. The suit also seeks to recover more than $170,000 of Tanya's personal property.

Nashville's Tennessean newspaper reports that the lawsuit, filed by Tanya's attorney on Friday (July 30), alleges the singer and Brown had an oral contract in 2006 statingRevelator Recordings would produce recordings of her performances so she could shop them to vendors. The recordings were completed in 2007, but Brown has reportedly kept the seven master recordings including 'Sin City,' and 29 video recordings of Tanya that the lawsuit says belong to her and should be returned.

Also alleged in the suit, that Brown did not use $145,000 Tanya's friends and families had invested in the project, and also that he left unpaid some $60,000 in production fees. He also allegedly ran up a $5,000 limousine bill and had an accident while driving Tanya's Ford Excursion.

Tanya is seeking an unspecified amount of damages, an injunction ordering the return of her property and also that Brown be ordered to provide accounting of all money he spent of the project.

Brown was the producer of Tanya's 1997 album, 'Complicated,' which spawned 'Little Things,' her last Top 10 single to date. Her latest album,'My Turn,' was released in 2009.