The Dixie Chicks

Country Stars and Their Famous Relatives
If you dig into your family tree, you could find a few monumental people in it, from pilgrims to celebrities and everything in between. And there are many country music stars who have equally famous relatives, many of whom are in the music industry as well.
James Otto Wants You to ‘Shake What God Gave Ya’
James Otto jokingly calls himself "the love child between Ronnie Milsap and Barry White." One listen to the single, 'Groovy Little Summer Song,' off his soon-to-be-released album 'Shake What God Gave Ya,' and who could disagree? That and the other songs on the a…
Eagles to Tour with Dixie Chicks, Keith Urban
Talk about an all-star line up! Multiple Grammy winners Dixie Chicks and Keith Urban are set to join the Eagles for a summer stadium tour that's bound to be one ticket.
The tour begins June 8 in Toronto and continues through June 24 in St. Louis, Mo...
Acclaimed Session Musician Larry Knechtel Dies at 69
Larry Knechtel, a one-time collaborator of Elvis Presley's and an accomplished sideman in both the rock and country worlds, died Thursday, Aug. 20 at the age of 69. Knechtel, who won a 1970 Grammy award for his arrangement of Simon and Garfunkel's enduring 'Bridge Over Troubled Water,' succumbed to …