Sugarland began in Atlanta, Ga., as a trio, made up of Kristian Bush, Kristen Hall and, the final addition, Jennifer Nettles, who all knew each other from the city's folk-rock scene. They signed with Mercury Nashville in 2004 and released their debut album, 'Twice the Speed of Life,' the same year. Sugarland's first single, "Baby Girl," became an instant hit -- it landed in the Top 5 and was the highest-peaking debut single for a group since 1991 -- as did their second single, "Something More." Hall left the group in 2005, and the now-duo's sophomore record, 2006's 'Enjoy the Ride', earned them four Top 10 songs, a CMA Award for Vocal Duo of the Year and multiple Grammys and ACM Awards for the No. 1 smash "Stay." In 2013, after two more hit albums and a child for Nettles and her husband, both halves of Sugarland took a break from the duo to pursue solo projects. Nettles' 'That Girl' album was released in January 2014, and Bush's debut solo single, "Trailer Hitch," came out that summer.

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