Fans who want to get their hands on Sugarland's recently released live CD/DVD, 'Live on the Inside,' will have to visit their local Wal-Mart -- or the store's website -- since the duo has an exclusive distribution deal with the giant retailer. And that didn't sit too well with one Warren Hudson, an employee of the Decatur CD record store in Decatur, Ga., which also happens to be the hometown of Sugarland's Kristian Bush. CMT reports that Hudson posted a complaint on the store's blog, writing that by "shutting the door on independent record stores, you're in effect shutting the door on your hometown."

Kristian not only posted a reply on the blog entry stating he would visit the store when he had a break from the duo's current tour, he made good on that promise last week, stopping by to sign autographs for customers who happened to be in the store at the time, and also purchasing three CDs.

The 'Live on the Inside' CD features Sugarland versions of songs from Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon and R.E.M, among others, so it's a good bet Kristian is looking for some new -- and meaningful -- cover songs to toss into the group's live show.

Kristian told The Boot recently that there are three important things about being in a band -- and one of those things is "If you do a cover, it has to mean something." (The other two: have great t-shirts and write good songs).