Sugarland have won the CMA's Vocal Duo of the Year two years in a row, along with a Grammy and a multitude of other trophies and accolades. And just last week, the superstar duo's debut album, 'Twice the Speed of Life,' was certified triple platinum. But ask guitarist Kristian Bush to pin-point the moment he knew he'd made it, and he'll tell you, it was when he found himself singing next to a trashcan.

"The moment I felt we'd made it was when we got to walk in to the set of Sesame Street and sing with the Muppets," Kristian tells Knoxville magazine. "You have to pinch yourself when you're singing next to Oscar's trashcan! It's a beautiful thing, talking to a puppet. You can't help yourself."

Though Sugarland have the opportunity to win the CMA's Vocal Duo Award for the third year in a row on Wednesday -- and are also up for Album of the Year with 'Love on the Inside' -- Kristian is secretly yearning to fulfill a longtime personal goal of his.

"I want to write a James Bond theme song," he confesses. "It's like 'Saturday Night Live' -- not everybody gets to do it. But I've been telling everyone I know, just so maybe one day, I'll be considered."