SugarlandSugarland's Kristian Bush never considered having a Plan B in place before pursuing his music career. And he says that even if the act hadn't taken off the way they did, chances are he'd still be making music somewhere -- whether or not he made enough money to buy groceries.

"I felt that if music didn't work out, I'd still do it," Kristian tells Risen magazine. "I just wouldn't get paid for it and have to find something else to pay me. Hanging up my guitar wasn't an option."

Luckily for Kristian and partner Jennifer Nettles, things didn't come to that, but that doesn't mean the hottest duo in country music hasn't faced failure. They've learned to adapt -- and take control.

"If something doesn't work out, it just means that something else will work out," Kristian says. "We've had enough successful creative decisions at this point that people keep asking us to make decisions. I'm sure as long as we don't step off the deep end, they'll just keep letting us go!"

Kristian adds that the main thing that keeps him well-grounded is having a creative partner who shares his passion and love for the music.

"Jennifer and I work this thing together," he says. "At least one of us at all times is going, 'Huh? Do you think that rolling around in a huge ball is a great idea?' When there's nobody around to tell you, you don't know when you're on the edge."

Sugarland is edging toward their next No. 1 hit with the single 'Keep You,' a song which has earned comparisons to their award-winning smash, 'Stay.'