Fans of the 1984 mockumentary 'This is Spinal Tap' recall some of the bizarre predicaments the heavy-metal musicians found themselves in throughout the hilarious film.

And while they can laugh about it now, when Sugarland broke out their giant hamster balls to roll over the crowd on the first night on tour with Kenny Chesney, Jennifer Nettles confesses she didn't quite see the humor in a brief moment that could have been taken right from that film.

"The power went out when we were inside blowing up the balls," Jennifer tells TV Guide. "I'm sitting there screaming, freaking out. But luckily no big Spinal Tap moments outside of that."

Jennifer adds that she counted on concertgoers to keep the balls rolling, but admits she wasn't always too confident! "We tell the audience to raise their hands and hold us up, but still you have somebody with a camera in one hand and a beer in the other! If they all got the same idea at the same time, they could [roll] us out to the parking lot. But they don't really know that, and we're really fast at throwing our weight around in there."

Sugarland has been throwing their weight around on the country charts -- their current single is 'Keep You,' is the fifth release from 'Love on the Inside.'