One thing you can count on with Sugarland is the colorful chemistry between Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush whether onstage or off. After winning their third consecutive Vocal Duo of the Year CMA award, they spoke to the press about "the big picture" and the endless outlets available to them for musical inspiration.

"We have a good rhythm and a good volley with each other," Jennifer explains. "We've also been doing it together long enough that we don't have a certain ego that sometimes can really get in the way of what that is. So we have a really good dance that we do with each other."

And even when the duo isn't spending time on the road together between tour dates, Jennifer says they still communicate on a regular basis."We're constantly calling or emailing each other saying 'Hey, have you heard this new record?' or 'Have you seen this movie?' We're not only inspired by music, but we're inspired by other mediums as well -- movies, books, paintings and colors. We like it all."

The duo's latest hit, 'Keep You' is currently climbing the charts.