Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles calls partner Kristian Bush an eager-to-please, young-at-heart dreamer. He's the shy guy in the fedora, playing back up to one of country's most charismatic, southern-soaked female voices -- which seems to add fuel to the fire of those nagging rumors that Jennifer -- the more domineering half of the popular duo -- will soon go solo, leaving her partner behind.

"We've heard that question before, and it's obviously hurtful to Kristian," Jennifer tells the Chicago Tribune. "From a musical perspective and from an emotional perspective, it's a wonderful partnership for me."

And yet, both Jennifer and Kristian agree, no one knows what the future may hold.

"He is my favorite person to write with," Jennifer says of the married father of two. "We never know what the future will hold. If there's something that he itches to do or I itch to do, we'll be supportive of each other. It's kind of like the Eurythmics -- Annie Lennox went off and had a solo career. But I have no plans for that, as of right now."

Right now, Jennifer and Kristian are having too much fun with their live performances, and the success of their eclectic 'Live on the Inside CD/DVD. Their recent No. 1 hit, 'It Happens,' does pose an interesting challenge at their family-friendly shows (alluding as it does to a popular expression which can't be printed here).

"Sometimes in concert, if there aren't a lot of kids -- and how cheeky I'm feeling that evening -- I will definitely blur the lines there ... pshhhhh, it happens!" she admits with a laugh. "We don't take ourselves too seriously!"

Sugarland will be in Florida this coming weekend, headlining shows with opening acts Jake Owen and pop singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson.