Sugarland has just wrapped up recording their third album. Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush know they have tough acts to follow, with their first two CDs racking multi-platinum sales and rave reviews. But Bush says they're confident the fans will love this new one just as much, even though it has a bit of a different sound.

"I would say that we've definitely crested into a brave new world," Bush tells "I'm in awe of this record . . . I'm just shocked. I keep listening to it going, 'I can't believe it's us.'"

Bush goes onto mention some big influences on this new project that range from Juice Newton to Rod Stewart to R.E.M.

"It's pretty diverse," he says. "It's a beautiful record, and it's fun."

Sugarland's new album is expected in September. There's no word yet on its title.