SugarlandWhen Sugarland's Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles settled in with CMT 'Country Countdown USA' radio host Lon Helton last weekend to talk about their first holiday album, 'Gold and Green,' Lon wondered, what took them so long? Especially since Kristian is a self-proclaimed Christmas fanatic.

"All they have to do is get halfway through the sentence: 'Do you want to make a Christmas ...' and then I say, 'Yes!'" said Kristian.

"It's a good thing they said album," laughed Jennifer. "They could have said fruitcake."

"I love Christmas music," added Kristian. "I've loved it most of my life, and when I was really broke and didn't have anything to give my parents and my friends, I would make Christmas CDs in my apartment, and that would be my Christmas gifts."

Kristian shared what Christmas is like around the Bush household. "Our house is so steeped right now in Santa Claus. My daughter is four; my son is seven, so it's as if we're just producing magic at the house. They can't contain themselves. I'm an amateur videographer, so I video my kids -- I make them into little movies, and then I torture my friends and family and make them watch it all. I think it wouldn't feel like Christmas if I didn't have to present them all with their Christmas video the day after Christmas."

Friends and family members who are on Jennifer's gift list this Christmas might find a homemade gift basket under their tree reflecting Jennifer's favorite things. "I love to make (gift baskets)," said Jennifer. "I am gathering all the different things for my baskets this year. As I find little things throughout the year that I really enjoy myself, I like to put those on the list to put in the basket. It's like 'my own greatest things.'"

So what are some of the things she has collected so far?

"I'm into things that smell good," revealed Jennifer. "I have some body wash that I got in the scent of Spanish gardenia," Jennifer explained, to which Kristin laughed, 'It's going to smell great on me, by the way." Jennifer assured him there will be other things. "I've also considered a few treats -- chocolate covered Rice Krispies ... you might find that in your basket."

Sugarland's first ever holiday album, 'Gold And Green,' includes five new Christmas carols co-written by Jennifer and Kristian.