In November of 2007, Trisha Yearwood released her 10th studio album, Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love. The record earned a Top 10 spot on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and spawned three singles, one of which reached the Top 20 and one of which landed in the Top 30. "Sing You Back to Me" was not one of those singles -- in fact, it almost didn't even make it onto the project -- but as Yearwood tells The Boot, the song is special to her for a reason entirely separate from chart success.

"Sing You Back to Me" immediately made me think of my father.

This [was] the first record I'[d] made since he passed away. We were very close, and when I heard that song, I thought, "This is for my dad." And I wasn't looking for a song to dedicate to my father, but when I heard this song, I thought, "Wow, I really want to sing this ... even if it's just for me to have myself."

So we went in after the record was done, with just an acoustic guitar, and did a performance of this song just for me to have, to give to my mom and my sister. And my producer, Garth Fundis, said, "It's emotional, and it's real, and you need to put it on the record."

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