Dierks Bentley released his third studio album for Capitol Nashville, 'Long Trip Alone,' in 2006. Its title track, co-written by Bentley with Brett Beavers and Steve Bogard, was released as the second single in November 2006 and reached the Top 10 on the Billboard U.S. Hot Country Songs chart; the tune also earned a spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Bentley received three Grammy nominations in 2008 -- Best Male Country Vocal Performance, Best Country Song and Best Country Album -- thanks to the record and song. Below, he tells The Boot about 'Long Trip Alone''s meaning.

'Long Trip Alone' is a really special song to me. My wife always refers to that song as the one that God stole away from her, because I started off writing that song about her, and then halfway through writing, it became more of a gospel song and more of a prayer.

And that's still kind of the way I hear it when I sing it. And I think when the audience hears it, they sometimes hear it as a love song and sometimes also hear it as a gospel song. It really just depends on the frame of mind you're in when you're listening to it.

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