Keith Urban first recorded 'Got It Right This Time (The Celebration)' for his double-platinum album 'Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing,' released in November of 2006. He then re-recorded the track for his 2007 'Greatest Hits: 18 Kids' record. Although the song was never issued as a single, it's still special to Urban because, as he tells The Boot, it was inspired by his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

It's interesting, because the song's hook is "I think I got it right this time." And I'm certainly at a point now where there's no thinking involved! [Laughs] There's a little more conviction than that.

And I had that full conviction when I wrote it, but as a songwriter, there are choices made with words because they sing well. So, "I know I got it right this time" just doesn't sing as well as "I think I got it right this time." But as the song has evolved and grown, our marriage has evolved a lot. So [on the newer recording], at the very end, there's an ad-libbed line that says, "I mean, I know I do." [Laughs]

Songs are interesting, because they're written at a certain time in a writer's life, and they mean a certain thing, but often, the really magical ones develop deeper meaning. And this song has definitely grown to have a deeper meaning for me.