Steve WarinerSteve Wariner took home a Best Country Instrumental Performance Grammy for 'Producer's Medley,' from his Chet Atkins tribute album, and the award couldn't be more fitting, since Chet was so instrumental in the evolution of Steve's career. Steve tells The Boot he was thrilled just to be acknowledged by the Grammys for his project.

"It sounds so goofy saying it -- it's cliché, but just to be nominated was awesome -- particularly with it being the Chet project -- but also because it's our first nomination on our own little label. It's extra special because of that. The part that's really awesome for me always is turning the machines on and putting it on tape, and that's what Chet loved more than anything is the creating, that's the fun part."

Steve actually used some of Chet's equipment to make the album, and also had the blessing of his mentor's family throughout the process. "I'm thrilled that Leona, Chet's wife, got to hear it," Steve tells The Boot. "She passed away just a few months ago and just loved the record. She was so thrilled, and of course there's a song on there called 'Leona,' and she liked that. Merle, his daughter, has been so supportive with anything I needed ... I played some of his guitars on this project and some of his equipment, and they've been just super-supportive, and it's a great way for me to pay it forward and say thanks. I wouldn't be here doing this at all if it weren't for Chet Atkins, so it's a way for me to say thanks."