Fans of Steve Wariner are aware of his many talents, including singing, songwriting and playing guitar, but they may not have known he is also a painter, until now.

The 58-year-old will share 21 of his watercolor paintings as part of three exhibits at the Tennessee State Museum titled 'Wariner's Watercolors: Paintings by Steve Wariner.'

“My father and brothers used to draw, doodle and dabble in water colors. I remember trying to draw at a very young age and always loved it,” Wariner explains. “My father was also a talented musician and singer, so I was inspired by him all the way around.”

The Indiana native also gives credit to his high school art teacher, Gordon Morrison, “who arranged for me to have back-to-back art classes for four years, forgoing study hall," he recalls. "I also worked for him sometimes during the summer months. He was a brilliant teacher and great friend. Over the years, I have continued to study art and develop my own style.”

The Grand Ole Opry member says he is honored to share his works with others. “I am absolutely thrilled at this tremendous opportunity to have my art on display at the Tennessee State Museum,” Wariner adds. “My work has been exhibited occasionally here and there over the years but never like this or at this level. This truly is a first for me … I am very grateful.”

Wariner's exhibit will be on display from Oct. 11 until Dec. 29. Admission to the museum is free and open to the public.

In addition to working on his paintings, Wariner has also been working on new music. His latest album, 'It Ain't All Bad,' was released earlier this month. Purchase the album here.