Steve Wariner has unveiled the cover art and track listing for his new album. The award-winning singer-songwriter and instrumentalist will release 'It Ain't All Bad' on Sept. 10. It is his first album with vocals in eight years.

Wariner wrote or co-wrote all of the 12 new tracks. He also produced the new project, which he will release through his own SelecTone Records via a distribution deal with Allegro Distribution, a division of the Allegro Media Group.

“I am excited to introduce these new songs to my fans,” Wariner says in a press release. “My friends and I have written these songs over the last few years, and I’ve been saving them for this project. I’ve had fans come up and ask me when I was going to do another album with vocals on it. I didn’t mean to take an eight-year break from singing on an album. I just had such a blast making my guitar tribute to Chet Atkins, so I followed it up with another instrumental album."

He adds with a laugh, "Now I’ve got to remind folks that I still sing."

Wariner rose to fame in the ’80s and ’90s with a string of hits including ‘All Roads Lead to You,’ ‘Some Fools Never Learn,’ ‘Tips of My Fingers’ and ‘Holes in the Floor of Heaven.’ He has placed 14 No. 1 singles and charted more than 50 career singles across 18 studio albums.

He has won four Grammy awards, four CMA Awards, and one ACM Award, among other honors. Wariner is a member of the Grand Ole Opry, and has been inducted into the Music City Walkway of Stars, the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame, and the National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame.

Steve Wariner, 'It Ain't All Bad' Track Listing:

1. 'It Ain't All Bad'
2. 'Voodoo'
3. 'Arrows at Airplanes'
4. 'Don't Tell Her I'm Not'
5. 'Bluebonnet Memories'
6. 'What More Do You Want?'
7. 'Spokes in a Wheel'
8. 'I Want to Be Like You'
9. 'It's Called a Brand New Day'
10.'Whenever I See You'
11. '48 Ford'
12. 'A Thousand Winds'