Steve Wariner has already released more than 20 albums and scored more than 50 hit singles. So it's understandable that the singer-songwriter might have trouble choosing which songs to perform during his concerts, which is why he is enlisting the help of his loyal fans.

The 59-year-old is getting ready to the road in support of his latest album, 'It Ain't All Bad,' and he is asking his fans to help him pick the songs he will perform each night.

“I’m always hearing from my fans that they loved all the songs I performed in concert, but they wish I had performed one particular song or another,” he explains. “I want to give them a voice in this year’s set list, and hopefully their song will make the cut. I can’t wait to see what they choose!”

'It Ain't All Bad' is Wariner's first album of original vocal tunes since 2005's 'This Real Life.' But the Indiana native admits that, while eight years lapsed between the two projects, he never intended for the time to be that long.

"I’ll be honest, it wasn’t deliberate. It kinda snuck up on me," he tells The Boot. "I didn’t realize it had been that long. I did a couple of guitar projects that, we were lucky to get in with the Chet Atkins tribute album that I did, that won a Grammy, and on the heels of that — you know, winning a Grammy has an effect that makes you maybe want to do another one like that! So I just stayed in the guitar mode, and did another very self-indulgent project called ‘Guitar Laboratory,’ and I don’t regret it. I think it was a good thing to do. We stayed right in that mode, and got a lot of real good ink and press; the reviews were really good on that project, and it was very, very different for me."

Wariner add that while several years passed between projects, he certainly wasn't idle.

"During that period of time I continued to write, and pitch songs, and do my thing as a writer, and was lucky to be getting some cuts," he explains. "And then I selfishly took a few songs away for me, when I knew I was going to be getting back into the studio. Well, I didn’t realize eight years had gone by; I had about eight years of stuff accumulated, and some of my favorite songs, and so we went into the studio and started cutting it, and that’s what this album is."

To help Wariner choose the songs for his set list, click on the Contact page on his website, fill out the form and then, in the body of the message, list up to five songs you would choose for his set list. Voting will be open until Friday, Feb. 28. Find a list of all of his hit singles here.

Wariner's tour kicks off on April 5 in Texas. See all of his upcoming shows here.