Brad Paisley's performance of his new single, 'Then,' on the Grand Ole Opry Saturday brought his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley to tears. It was a special night for both of them, as Brad sang the song while Kim and Steve Martin, the man who basically introduced the couple, stood on the side of the Opry stage.

The introduction wasn't a personal one; Brad didn't even meet Steve until Saturday. It was through the movie 'Father of the Bride,' in which Steve starred as Kimberly's dad. Brad has always said he fell in love with his future bride the first time he saw her in that movie.

As Brad prepared to sing 'Then' for the audience, he told them, "I went to see 'Father of the Bride' in '91, because Steve Martin was in it and I thought it would be funny. There was somebody else who was in that movie, and I thought I loved her then."

The Paisleys surprised Steve while he made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night, performing with John McEuen and Vince Gill. Steve recently released his first bluegrass album, 'The Crow,' and was there to perform a selection of songs from it. Kim had not seen Steve in ten years, and she was delighted to introduce him to her husband.

Brad had at first thought he and Kimberly would just go backstage and visit with the actor, but he admits he couldn't go to the Opry and not perform! "I always thought I'd probably meet Steve Martin one of these days, but I didn't think it would be on our turf, on the stage of the Opry," the singer told The Boot. "And I didn't think it would be with me about to sing a song sitting at No. 1 on the country charts called 'Then.' It was weird. She teared up -- she was just like, 'I cannot believe this.'

"It just hit me, this was one of those great bookends that you just ... I don't know, come full circle somehow," Paisley continues. "And full circle at the Grand Ole Opry, which it's all about that."

The evening was a great one for everyone, as Martin received a standing ovation for his performance and the Opry audience got a special unannounced treat when Paisley sang.