Steve Azar has burned up the country charts with hits such as 'I Don't Have To Be Me ('Til Monday),' and his current single, 'Moo La Moo.' But when he's not on the road, the Mississippi native gets pretty fired up about something else -- cooking at home on the grill.

"We cook all the time! We call it Friday Night at the Azar's," Steve tells The Boot. "Most of the time, it's not on a Friday, which is weird, but we still call it that. We cook and everybody decides on what they're bringing."

Steve says what would normally be just a basic cookout has become more of an event. "It's not the eating; it's the prior to that that's gotten to be the most fun -- because you eat and then you're done. It's the two-hour prep before that you really get to enjoy. The kitchen is a very soulful place. You share great stories, great cocktails, great times, and great food. The process of watching it all happen is just great."

'Moo La Moo' is the first single from Steve's latest album, 'Slide on Over Here,' which was released in August.