The great thing about having siblings is that you have a built-in set of playmates, friends ... and, in the case of Spencer's Own, bandmates. Twin Falls, Idaho, natives Jordon, Morgan, Nick, Nate and Quinn Williams (oldest to youngest) released their self-titled debut EP in November; now, they're exclusively sharing with The Boot's readers a series of videos in which they discuss the stories of the project's six songs.

Spencer's Own wrote all of the tracks on their EP, some as a whole (for example, "Friends With Money") and some in breakout sessions between just a couple of them (such as their debut single, "Livin' in the Moment," which Nate and Quinn wrote together in a bathroom, "because it was the only space available where we were writing," explains Nate).

"You know what's cool about having five different perspectives on a song is, it will bring a flavor to each song," Nate tells The Boot. "It's a really cool way of approaching songwriting with the five different backgrounds coming together."

Adds Nick, "It's best when we write together to encourage rather than discourage, and push for the best for what we can come up with for that song."

Lucky for the Williams brothers, they're generally on the same page about what makes a song work for their quintet.

"A good song is a good song," Morgan notes, "and I think when we have a bunch of songs together ... a lot of the time, the cream rises to the top, and we tend to agree on what that cream is."

Even picking their first single was easy: "Livin' in the Moment" is, collectively, Spencer's Own's favorite tune on their EP. After Nate and Quinn wrote the song, the brothers fell in love with its relatable message that, despite life's hectic nature, "every day, there's moments that you should stop and embrace and take in before they're a memory," Nate explains.

Still, the guys each call out other songs on the EP as special: Jordan enjoys how fun "Friends With Money" was to create, while Morgan and Nick love "Inside Out" because of its beatbox harmonica and its message of acceptance, respectively. Of "Catch the Rain," Nate says, "From the 'napkin idea' to where it ended up in the studio was such a cool process," and, similarly, Quinn is a fan of the "unconventional way" they approached writing "What's Gonna Happen," more as a story than as a song. All six of their EP's songs highlight Spencer's Own's innate ability to harmonize together, and, as a whole, the disc is indicative of their varied musical influences.

"When you have five boys growing up, everybody comes home with a different type of music," Nick recalls, calling out everyone from Lionel Richie (a favorite of their mother's) to Kenny Chesney to U2 -- as Nate summarizes, "a huge palette of musical influences."

Spencer's Own's name, meanwhile, is indicative of their parents' unwavering love and support: Their father's first name is Spencer.

"[Our parents were] a great source of encouragement ... They saw the things that we liked to do, and they encouraged everything that we liked to do," Morgan remembers. "Neither of our parents are necessarily musical, but they saw what we did, and they wanted to encourage that."

The Williams' parents still live in Idaho, and although their sons are now living in Nashville, they're at every performance they can make it to; "[they're] the loudest singers and the ones with the biggest smiles in the audience," Nate admits.

The Spencer's Own EP is available for download on iTunes. Press play below to hear the brothers share more of the stories behind the project's songs.

Spencer's Own Share the Stories Behind the Spencer's Own EP

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