Are you ready for some sugar and spice? Country music trio Sister C are debuting their newest Blue Room Sessions video, a performance of "Kiss My Grits," exclusively for readers of The Boot.

The Texas-born trio -- sisters Cirby, Carli and Celbi Manchaca -- was first discovered during Season 2 of The X-Factor. Though they're relatively young (all three are in their 20s), these women are talented beyond their years, with harmonies that just won't quit, as they showcase in this acoustic performance of "Kiss My Grits."

The song is sassy, and lyrically, it's enough to make you laugh out loud: "Oh, those city girls, they got nothin' on us real country women / With our cowboy boots tucked into our high-waisted Levi pants," the three sisters sing. "We kill time and drink beer with the guys / We're a little sugar and a whole lot of spice." "Kiss My Grits" describes a sassy Southern lady who says what she wants and declares that if anyone has a problem with her, they can go ahead and ... well, kiss her grits.

""Kiss My Grits" reeks of Texas and country women, which made it very easy and very fun to write!" Celbi Manchaca tells The Boot of "Kiss My Grits." "I wrote this song basically about all the women I grew up around my whole life, from drinking coffee with my Great Aunt Gladys to the cowgirls I barrel-raced with at the local rodeos. You gotta love a proud country woman, right?"

Blue Room Sessions is an intimate, acoustic video series created by Sister C. The songs they've performed for the series range from a cover of "White Christmas" to original material, and fans' responses have been strong.

"This really is why we started shooting and posting the sessions to begin with: to get our music out there and see what people thought of it," Sister C say.

Sister C's latest single, "Faint of Heart," is available for purchase on iTunes.