Sheryl Crow has sold more than 50 million albums, with over a dozen Top 20 hits in the past two decades. But with all her success, she admits she is dismayed by the lack of women who currently hold a position on the country charts.

"I do think that in the last ten, fifteen years art has gone the way of commerce," she tells Broadway's Electric Barnyard. "Whenever there's money involved, then you figure out what's going to bring in sponsors, and what's going to resonate with people and what's going to sell records."

The 51-year-old understands people make music to make money, which is why she is quick to defend Luke Bryan after Zac Brown's now well-publicized criticism of Bryan and his latest single, 'That's My Kind of Night.'

"I think everybody's entitled to their opinion," Crow says. "There are a lot of great people of country. In music everywhere, throughout history, there's been really meaningful stuff, there's stuff that's been just for the entertainment sake, and everybody has an opinion."

Crow's first country album, 'Feels Like Home,' was released last month on Warner Brothers Records. She will spend much of the fall on the road, promoting the new record, including shows in California, Illinois and Kentucky. See all of her upcoming shows here.

Listen to Sheryl Crow on Broadway's Electric Barnyard