Shania Twain is having so much fun performing her Shania: Still the One show in Las Vegas, she says she'd be willing to commit to staying in Sin City another year.

"I think I’m ready to do that,” she tells the Las Vegas Sun. “We’ve just passed our first anniversary here. It went by so quickly, and I’d be thrilled to carry on.”

The songstress credits her fans with making the show so successful. "Every night is like a Friday or Saturday night at our show," boasts Twain. "Even on a Tuesday night, I wonder what spirit people are going to be, but they’re always so fun. They always make it feel like a weekend."

The Canadian has also been writing songs for a new album, and says she is now looking for a producer to helm the project. "I’m in research mode; I’m doing a lot of research," she reveals. "I’m just very cautious and want to be prepared before I start meeting people in person. I’m one of these people; I’m a little bit insecure in diving into things I don’t understand very well. It’s a whole other world. I don’t really want to pick anybody predictable, either."

Twain originally committed to a series of shows through 2013 at Caesar's Palace, before extending her residency into 2014. Her final show on the schedule is on Feb. 15. Tickets and more information can be found here.