For fans that liked what they heard when Sean Patrick McGraw toured with Toby Keith and Trace Adkins, McGraw's latest single will be a hit.

'I'm That Guy' features the same "beer-soaked" sound that made Keith take notice of the up-and-coming country singer. The single was released to iTunes on Oct. 15, and will start hitting radio on Nov. 28th.

McGraw's second album, 'Hard Way to Make an Easy Living,' was also released last month after a critically successful first album, 'My So Called Life.'

“They’ve been absolutely wonderful and so gracious,” McGraw told The Boot in September about touring with Keith and Adkins. “They’ve got to be nice to me. They’re both about three feet taller than I am. They could crush me if they wanted to.”

McGraw was a 'Nashville Star' finalist in 2005 and has been on the country scene in Music City for a while, but his stint on America's Toughest Tour helped him gain more national attention.

“I didn’t think I was very green when I came out here, but [Keith's stage manager] pretty much let me know how green I was when we started this," he said in the interview. "The best advice was: ‘You’ll never be a star if you don’t present yourself as a star. You must use a balance of humility and just own it.’ Sometimes I think it’s kind of hard to figure out how you do that. I’m humble but I have to be confident and walk out on stage like I belong here.”