Don't be fooled by the title of Scotty McCreery's latest single, 'The Trouble With Girls.' "The song's really not about the trouble with girls," the singer tells The Boot. "The title in itself is kind of weird. When I announced it on Twitter, all of these girls were like, 'What do you mean the trouble? We're not trouble!' I was like, 'Just listen to the song, it's a sweet song about all of the great things about girls.' The trouble with girls is that nobody loves trouble as much as me. Girls are beautiful things; I'm glad God put them on the earth with us!"

The 'American Idol' winner's ironic song has cracked the Top 25 on Billboard's country songs chart this week. Watch him perform 'The Trouble With Girls' live in our studio below.

Watch Scotty Sing 'The Trouble With Girls' Live

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