Scotty McCreery kept his sense of humor intact after an embarrassing incident on stage this past Saturday (Sept. 14).

The singer was performing at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa when he quite suddenly lost his footing and wildly fell to the stage. Then, when he attempted to get to his feet to finish the song, McCreery slipped and fell again, and ended up singing on his knees before finally regaining his footing.

After the show, McCreery offered a good-natured tweet about the situation.

Fortunately for McCreery, a fan had indeed caught the frenetic moment on a camera phone, and when it surfaced, he linked to it in another humorous tweet.

McCreery is getting set to release his sophomore album, 'See You Tonight,' on Oct. 15. He co-wrote several tracks, including the title song, which is the album's first single. His Weekend Road Trip Tour runs through Dec. 11.