Scotty McCreery certainly has a good sense of humor. Not only is he laughing about the tumble he took off the Bethel Woods Center of the Arts stage in Bethel, NY, over the weekend -- he's also sharing video of the fall with fans!

"If anybody wants a good laugh ...," the "American Idol" winner tweeted Sunday (Aug. 12) along with the video below, which shows him falling off the stage while singing Travis Tritt's "T.R.O.U.B.L.E." and then smiling about his own stage troubles -- continuing the song with even more energy.

Before you go thinking Scotty's a klutz, remember who he's currently touring with: the king of all country tour pranks.

"Dagum @BradPaisley pranked me again... he narrowed up the stage on me for my last song... #MeetTheCrowdNight #ImOk," Scotty tweeted just after his fall. (Brad's payback for this, perhaps?)

Brad Paisley's Virtual Reality tour is Scotty's first major country trek. The two have become fast friends during their travels, with the elder country star -- despite his pranks -- acting as a great role model for the teen singer.

"(Brad) is a classy guy. He has a classy way of entertaining his fans," Scotty tells The Boot. "The songs he sings and the way he lives his life is a great testament to that. I'm looking forward to learning a lot more from him."