Sarah Buxton Sarah Buxton's new video for 'Outside My Window' is a visually-stunning, creative production that has wowed critics and fans alike ... And it has other country stars hoping their bosses won't read this story, as the entire video budget was just $80!

That confession has earned Sarah some good-natured ribbing from fellow artists who are trying to convince their record labels to spend more on videos these days, not less. "My record label didn't even know we were doing it," Sarah, who shot the video with co-writer Mark Hudson, explains to Reuters. "It was like a home video. In fact, John Rich texted me and said, 'Thanks a lot, Sarah. Now the budget for my next video is only going to be $100!'"

Sarah, who signed with Lyric Street Records in 2004, says she's pleased to finally have a single breaking the Top 30 after years of hard work and waiting. "It's so rewarding. It's like getting a report card back. I feel like I've had B and C+ type songs. Now I feel like I've finally gotten a B+ or an A-."

Sarah's self-titled album, which likely cost more than $80 to make, will be released Feb. 23.