Sarah BuxtonSarah Buxton had plenty of opportunities to give up her dream of becoming an artist and focus solely on songwriting. Completing a CD in 2007 that was never released, Sarah did have one huge win from that project, as Keith Urban recorded one of the songs she wrote on it, 'Stupid Boy,' taking it all the way to No.3 on the charts and also winning a Grammy for the song. But while most people would have been content to have that kind of success as a writer, Sarah knew she wanted more.

"I was so depressed," she tells Nashville's Tennessean newspaper, after her long-awaited CD sat on the shelf. "I believe in God showing me signs and the signs he was showing me were telling me this was wrong. But every time I've wanted to quit, I feel like the whole music industry in Nashville has pushed me."

Now, thanks to her faith, perseverance and the support of an entire community, the singer-songwriter is exactly where she has always wanted to be. "I'm feeling like I'm right in place," she says. "I feel like everything happened for a reason, and music is such a thing about timing. I feel like people who have been waiting for my music to come out and the people who will find my music were meant to find it now. I feel like it was meant to be."

With her new self-titled album out this week, Sarah joined forces with The Boot to give her fans a sneak peek of a few tracks. Click here to enjoy four new tunes, including her version of 'Stupid Boy.' The recently engaged singer is currently on the road with Martina McBride and Trace Adkins as part of their Shine All Night tour.