On the heels of a standing ovation for her ACM Awards performance of 'A Little Bit Stronger,' Sara Evans stopped by the 'Tonight Show With Jay Leno' Tuesday (April 12) to perform the tune from her latest No. 1 album, 'Stronger.'

"I loved it instantly," Sara says of the song. "Everybody's gone through some sort of heartbreak, whether it's losing someone to death or just breaking up with somebody that you were in love with. The very first line says, 'Woke up late today, and I still feel the sting of the pain.' We've all been there, where we wake up and, for just a second, we forgot. Then, all of a sudden we remember, and it just comes flooding back. The song talks about getting stronger, and that's the attitude that you have to have."

Sara has every reason to feel stronger these days. Her current single is the singer's first Top 10 hit since 'Cheatin'' in 2005, while the accompanying album sits comfortably in the Top 10 on Billboard's Country Album chart.

Jump to the 36:12 mark to watch Sara's 'Tonight Show' performance.