After taking a few years off to weather a painful divorce and then subsequently find love again, Sara Evans has made her musical comeback ... And it's a strong one. Her brand-new single, 'A Little Bit Stronger,' from her forthcoming album, is racing up the charts and is receiving such great feedback, Sara might make it the theme of the entire project.

"It's a great lyric. I love the fact that it's very realistic," Sara tells Country Weekly of the tune, which was co-written by Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott. "Some songs are like 'you left me and I'm totally over you and you never cross my mind.' I love that the song is realistic. It says 'I'm getting a little bit stronger. I'm doing little things at a time.'"

Sara is so motivated by the powerful words in 'A Little Bit Stronger,' that she's considering using it -- well, part of it -- as the title of the album. "We might just call the album 'Stronger,'" she reveals. "I really like that name for the album, but we haven't confirmed anything yet."

Sara hasn't released a new album since 2005's 'Real Fine Place,' but the happily remarried (to sports broadcaster Jay Barker) wife and mom predicted she would be back to making music sooner rather than later.

"I got married in 2008," Sara told The Boot earlier this year. "And 2009 was a total year of relocating to Birmingham, meeting all new people, blending our seven kids together, setting up house, redecorating the house, finding help in Birmingham, and getting all that stuff situated. So it was hard for me to really find the time to write. Jay and I both have said for the last two or three months that 2010 is totally the year that is going to be completely focused on the record and the music career, because we're settled. We're in place. We're ready to launch."

With 'A Little Bit Stronger' ready to crack the Top 40, Sara is tirelessly working to make sure she can get this album to her fans. "We have eight songs completely recorded, mixed and mastered for the album," she says. "I feel really inspired on this record."

Sara's as-yet-untitled CD is scheduled for an early 2011 release.

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