Sara Evans guest starred on the hit TV drama 'Nashville' Wednesday (Oct. 29), appearing as herself in an episode that featured her performing with Luke Wheeler (played by Will Chase). But while the entire storyline is completely fictional, the songstress says she's impressed with the authenticity of the show.

“I think they do a very good job of keeping it real, and making it as realistic as possible, given the constraints that they have,” Evans tells Nashville's Tennessean. “They have to compress everything. Someone gets a record deal, and the next week, they have a single on the radio. That's obviously not how it works. Aside from what they have to do for television, I think it's very realistic.”

Evans flew to New York City to meet with the show's producers earlier this year, discussing the real truth of being a woman in country music, and she says the show proves that life really does imitate art sometimes.

"I think Rayna is a combination of me and Faith Hill and probably a little bit of Martina [McBride]," Evans tells Entertainment Tonight. "She's the established female artist with children, and she's sort of at this crossroads in many ways in her career."

The songstress also says the sensationalized storyline of conniving Juliette Barnes (played by Hayden Panettiere), who is pregnant, isn't unlike a few young stars she knows.

"I can think of some people," she dishes. "Obviously they're making her out to be a newcomer, and she's sort of someone who came on the scene and had big hits right away. She didn't really have to work for it, probably takes it for granted ... I've definitely seen it over the years."

While Evans hints that her storyline might continue beyond one episode, she says her schedule rarely leaves time for taking on TV roles.

“I’ve thought about it over the years,” she admits. “I’ve been sent scripts for different movies and TV shows, but I’m so busy with my career, we’ve never been able to find the time. But I have so much respect for what these actors do. It is really hard work and a lot of time.”

'Nashville' airs Wednesday nights at 10 PM ET on ABC.