For Sara Evans, her husband Jay Barker and their combined seven kids (Andrew, Braxton, Harrison, Sarah, Avery, Olivia and Audrey), Halloween is quite chaotic at their home in Birmingham, Ala.

"Where we live, they celebrate Halloween probably more than Christmas," Sara tells The Boot. "People get bands on their front porches! It's a huge, huge party. Halloween is chaotic because you're working so hard trying to get everyone dressed and in their costumes and all that."

The two blended their families in 2008, and the first Halloween they lived in Alabama, it wasn't your traditional trick-or-treat holiday. "It was a big meet-and-greet. People lined up literally for two blocks and were in line to get autographs from me and Jay," Sara explains. "It became a little overwhelming because we were basically ignoring our children to sign all these autographs and take pictures with people."

However, last year, the family was able to celebrate it the way they wanted. "We decided to leave candy on the front porch and take the kids and just not be home to hand out candy. And that's what we're going to do again this year. We're going to leave candy on the porch in a huge tub and take the kids around and trick-or-treat with them."

Sara and Jay's children aren't the only ones who like to play dress-up on Halloween. "Last year I was a very risque, kind of slutty police officer and Jay was a prisoner, so that was fun. This year I'm going to be an Indian princess."

Sara is back on the charts with her latest single, 'A Little Bit Stronger,' from her upcoming album, due early next year.

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