Sara Evans releases her new album Tuesday (March 11), and she's giving readers of The Boot an inside look at one of the tracks.

'Slow Me Down' is Evans' seventh studio album, and she took a different approach with it, working with producer Mark Bright -- who also helmed her multi-platinum album, 'Real Fine Place' -- and drafting musical guests that include Vince Gill, Isaac Slade of the Fray and Gavin DeGraw. Evans also co-wrote three of the new songs.

'If I Run' is a very personal track.

"We started the song -- I think I was actually talking about my relationship with my dad," Evans shares. "Just, you know, wanting to be pursued. And sometimes I've chosen relationships or allowed myself to be treated a certain way in relationships based on never being pursued as a little girl, with your daddy. I think that's huge. So that's how this whole conversation came to be with the song."

Evans says the character in the song "has definitely been hurt in her life, and she's saying, 'If I run, will you chase me?' And in fact, she's saying, 'I might run, just to test you. I might not be able to handle this love that you're giving me, because it's too much. I don't recognize that as love, so if I run from it, will you chase me, will you pursue me, or are you just gonna be like every other guy?'"

Readers of The Boot voted 'Slow Me Down' our Album of the Month for March. It is available at Amazon and iTunes.

Evans is also offering fans a chance to win a guitar that she has autographed. Make sure to read our official contest rules, and enter to win by taking advantage of any of the methods described below.