It's been three years since we've heard an album of entirely new music from Sara Evans, but we won't have to wait much longer. The country star says she's found new motivation to write and record songs for an upcoming project, thanks to the inspiration and support of a new musical partner.

"I've been playing songs for Jay, because Jay's got a great ear for music," Evans tells GAC of her new husband, Jay Barker. "He's a great singer and a great dancer and totally has the music in him. I'm so excited for him to help me make this record, help me choose songs. And of course, he's inspired me to write some of the best love songs I'll ever write in my life."

Evans hasn't set a date for her new CD yet, but she does have a new song on country radio. Her current single, 'Low,' is the first single from the soundtrack to the movie 'Billy: The Early Years.'