Sandra Boynton has released the video for 'End of a Summer Storm,' a collaboration with Alison Krauss from her album 'Frog Trouble.'

'Frog Trouble' is the first country album released by Boynton, who is a New York Times bestselling author and Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer. The video for 'End of a Summer Storm' was directed by Boynton's son, Keith Boynton, and produced by Crazy Lake Pictures.

“I wrote this moody, mother-and-child song with my older son very much in mind, who as a young boy preferred stormy days to sunny ones,” Boynton says in a press release. “Not surprisingly, that dramatic child grew up to become a playwright and filmmaker. What could be more wonderful for me than having worked with the endlessly exquisite Alison Krauss on the recording, and then have my son, now grown, make this beautiful music video?"

The video is an adorable portrayal of of a child who loses his bunny rabbit before a storm, causing the bunny to begin a long, soggy trek back to his boy.

In addition to having Krauss appear on her album, Boynton wrote 12 original tunes performed by Ryan Adams, Dwight Yoakam, Ben Folds, Brad Paisley, Josh Turner, Darius Rucker, Kacey Musgraves, Fountains of Wayne, Mark Lanegan, Linda Eder and Falls Mountain Cowboys.