Sammy Kershaw didn't go through traditional outlets to release his new lyric video. Instead, he took the video straight to his fans on Facebook and YouTube.

Kershaw's following on social media has exploded in recent months, as he approaches 500,000 followers on Facebook.

"My Facebook following has grown a lot over the past few months, and I truly believe it's because the fans know it's me and not some social media company making the posts," Kershaw says in a press release. "Almost half a million of my fans have connected with me personally thanks to Facebook. I thought the least I could do is give them something special like this video exclusive."

The single 'Can't Put My Finger on It' comes off of Kershaw's 'Big Hits: Volume 1,' which he released on his own record label, Big Hit Records, last November. The 12-song album features 10 of Kershaw's biggest hits along with two new songs, including 'Can't Put My Finger on It.'

“It felt good to go back into the studio and re-record some of my hits,” Kershaw says. “The technology we have in the music business now makes them sound much more fresh and updated, but the heart and soul is still there in every song.”