Sammy Kershaw appeared on the Fox News program America's News HQ this week to discuss his new album, 'Big Hits Volume One,' and talk about where he find his songwriting inspiration.

"I've been around a long, long time," Kershaw tells show host Uma Pemmaraju. "I started playing night clubs, honky tonks, bar rooms, dance halls, beer joints, whatever you want to call them, when I was twelve years old. So, it's fixing to be 44 years next month ... since I sang my first song in a bar room as a kid. I've had a good time."

When asked about where he finds his inspiration for writing music, Kershaw remembers being a kid and his parents listening to classic country like Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams and George Jones.

"I've always called George the king of country soul," he says. "I could just feel that natural tear in his voice, and I know a lot of singers and have heard a lot of singers in my life that have that natural tear."

He continues, "Hopefully some of these new folks that are coming around, hopefully they have listened to some of my stuff, and maybe they have heard that natural tear in the voice and felt that music and really sold the story."

Kershaw adds, "I won't do a song unless I've lived the story."

'Big Hits Volume One' is a 12-song record that features 10 of Kershaw's biggest hits, including ‘She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful’ and ‘Love of My Life,’ as well as two new tunes. More information about the release is available here.