Mother's Day is all about celebrating the moms in our lives, whether she's literally your mom, just a mother figure or a woman who's mentored you through thick and thin. That's why Samantha Landrum's "I'll Still Need Your Shoulder" music video is the perfect clip for this weekend: It's a tribute to her best friend and best source of encouragement, her mom.

Landrum, who hails from Laurel, Miss., pays tribute to her mom in this memorable song and music video with both poignant lyrics and personal snapshots. Pictures and home videos from Landrum's childhood -- from the day she was born, to birthday parties and fishing trips, to graduation and growing up -- are all featured in the "I'll Still Need Your Shoulder" video. The 21-year-old Landrum explains that one of her favorite shots in the video is of her and her mom after a show she did at Nashville's 3rd & Lindsley.

"She has always been the best encourager and cheerleader I could have ever asked or prayed for," Landrum tells The Boot. "She and my dad have tried to be at every show I've ever done."

The video truly captures the sweet, deep and committed relationship the singer has with her family, and while it's deeply personal to the singer, it also speaks to anyone who has known the love of a mother or inspirational woman.

"This video is so extremely close to my heart because, for one, I wrote the song, but it speaks so truly to the amazing relationship I have with not only my mom, but with both of my parents," Landrum says.

"I'll Still Need Your Shoulder" tells Landrum's mom, and mamas everywhere, that as their kids grow up and move out of the house and into the big world, they'll "still need your shoulder."

"No matter what time of day or night it is, I can still, no matter what, count on her to answer the phone and pull me through," Landrum adds. "Not everyone's story will be the same, but I hope that everyone has some person they look at as their 'constant.' Mine just happens to be my mom."

"I'll Still Need Your Shoulder" is from Landrum's album Hometown. It is available for download via iTunes.

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