Country legend Ronnie Milsap shows his spiritual side on a two-disc set released today, 'Then Sings My Soul: 24 Favorite Hymns & Gospel Songs.'

Painful childhood memories were what inspired Milsap to do a religious project. He grew up in extreme poverty in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, where his parents brought him to church revivals in hopes that a miracle would cure his blindness. When his family finally gave up on a miracle, they accused him of lacking the faith in God to grant him sight. Through this painful experience, Milsap did indeed keep his faith and developed a love and appreciation for the music he heard at each church service.

'Then Sings My Soul: 24 Favorite Hymns & Gospel Songs' includes some of Milsap's favorite religious tunes, including 'Holy, Holy, Holy" and 'I'll Fly Away,' as well as several new songs and a re-recording of his No. 1 classic hit, 'What a Difference You've Made in My Life.' Listen to the full CD for free here.